Pitter Patter of Tiny Feet Is No More a Dream but a Possibility

Fulfill your dreams of parenthood with the Adam & Eve IVF Center

In this blog post we would give you a general outline about IVF, its benefits as well as when & how to go for it.

adamThere has been a lot of talk about successful medical solutions to couples struggling with infertility. Some of the solutions are IVF, ICSI, IUI, Surrogacy etc. Many parents are still not clear about these medical options & the hope they present to infertile parents.

With the experience gained from years of providing fertility solutions to people, Adam & Eve has become a most successful IVF Center in Noida with the highest achievements in IVF & ICSI. Our expertise has helped many couples and we hope with the knowledge given below, you can getter better understanding & knowledgeable about IVF.

What is IVF?

In Vitro Fertilisation or IVF is a multi-stage process in which an egg is fertilized by sperm outside the body and the embryo is then transferred to the uterus to continue growth.

In India, infertility has still some taboos attached and a topic not openly discussed about. There are 20 Million infertile couples in India, struggling to fulfill their dreams of parenthood. Therefore, IVF presents an affordable & minimum invasive & discreet option for those couples.

Are you a candidate for IVF?

Women can overcome infertility with IVF easily whereas in male infertility cases ICSI is done to increase chances of pregnancy. Adam & Eve IVF Center in Noida has all these medical reproductive technologies available where with latest techniques & medical aid, a high rate of success has been recorded.

Some of the cases where IVF treatment is required –

  • Absent or Blocked Fallopian Tubes or diseases such as Tuberculosis
  • Reduce sperm count
  • Failure to conceive despite infertility treatment


Procedure observed at Adam & Eve IVF Center in Noida

We take medical history, physical fitness, lifestyle & everything in consideration when suggesting a couple for IVF. The steps taken after consent is as follows –

  1. Ovarian Stimulation Hormone Therapy – Women are treated with hormones for about two weeks to help produce multiple embryos.
  2. Monitoring of follicles & Egg Development – Growth of follicles is followed carefully with ultrasound imaging & hormone level assessments.
  3. Administration of HCG injection – When lead follicle is big enough, HCG is administered to trigger ovulation in natural setting. This sets the stage for oocyte retrieval.
  4. Collection of Eggs – Transvaginal follicular aspiration is performed to retrieve the oocytes from the follicles in both ovaries with ultrasound guidance. The eggs are cultured in a special media within an incubator until they are ready for insemination.
  5. Fertilization with Sperms collected in Laboratory – The oocytes and sperms are mixed and left alone for fertilization to occur, in a special medium.
  6. Early Embryo Development – After 16-20 hours the oocytes are examined for the success of fertilization. Embryos are grown in laboratory incubator for 5 days.
  7. Transferring Embryo in the Uterus – Healthiest embryos are selected for embryo transfer. Any remaining healthy embryos are frozen and stored for use in later cycles, if required.
  8. Progesterone supplementation continued until the pregnancy is confirmed.

Adam & Eve IVF Center in Noida

Now you would have gained a general idea about IVF treatment & who can use this option. Although the starting phase is little painful, still all is worth when you have a giggling baby in your hands. If you have tried everything & still not able to conceive then visit our clinic for a consultation. We will tell you the best medical option after some tests and hopefully in no time you would be proud parents.

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